Wes was born and raised on Long Island, NY.  He moved to Pittsburgh near the end of 2014 to finally try something different.  Pittsburgh was different, creative, and a great mix of old and new.  Wes grew up with a love for all things digital and media.  As a child he was fascinated with cameras and always stepped up to take the family vacation photos.  By 2002 he was able to get his first digital camera and never turned back.  Using the digital medium to provide the best results he has honed his craft finding the photo in the photo and being there when the photo is ready to be taken.


Wes is just starting out in this adventure here in Pittsburgh.  If you are interested in hiring Wes for your next event, send us a message.  He is available for events from Conventions (Fandom and Corporate), Parties (Public and Private) and Weddings.


When he isn’t behind a camera or neck deep into photo editing, he can be found visiting local public events, parks and conventions looking for that next amazing image to preserve.